Carol Green Spiritual Medium, Mediums in Cheltenham, Mediumship Training, Psychic Training
Carol Green Spiritual Medium, Mediums in Cheltenham, Mediumship Training, Psychic Training

About Carol

When you find yourself judging others - think what it is you are having to learn about yourself


Carol's honest no-nonsense approach to her work as a Spiritual Medium, adviser and Tutor has earned her the reputation among many of her students as the 'Anne Robinson' of mediums.  A dedicated worker for the Spirit World, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Carol regularly gives private consultations, public demonstrations, development classes, workshops and talks, where her warmth and compassion coupled with her professional and practical approach strives to dispel some of the myths associated with this work.


Having the belief that we are all able to connect either intuitively, psychically and/or spiritually to the energy on this and the Universal level, Carol is dedicated to bring understanding in a practical way that can help us in our daily lives.  Through her own personal experiences she is very accepting of our own ongoing journey and evolution after departing this physical life but doesn't expect others to share her views - in fact she thinks that skepticism is healthy and one of her favourite sayings is 'why would you believe anything just because someone said it - always look for the proof' - a tall order sometimes in such an intangible field of work.


Having lived an almost conventional and normal life for 40+ years with 20 of them working in the Civil Service you can't get much more practical than that, so it was as much a surprise to Carol as to her family and friends when she experienced something that made her start exploring and searching for the truth in a way that she could understand it.  Whilst living in London for 5 years Carol underwent training at the College of Psychic Studies and the London Spiritualist Mission, Notting Hill as well as reputable circles and groups in both Cheltenham and Surrey.


On returning to Cheltenham she took the decision to leave her regular work and follow a path that whilst difficult brought her more fulfilment and freedom.  Now a teacher of repute working in Cheltenham passing on knowledge based on her experiences and beliefs, Carols' classes are much sought after.


For the past 3 years Carol has worked on producing a credible academic style course to bring a level of professionalism to the work.  Under the banner of the National College of Spiritual Awareness (NCoSA) she has developed the first course which is Level I - Psychic Practioner - more details are on the teaching page or Contact Carol for further information.


Carol has now produced 2 meditation CDs - the first on 'Opening to Spirit' and the 2nd on 'Question & Answer.  She is currently writing a book on Mediumship Development and has also had a DVD made of her in her teaching role called 'Apprentice Mediums' which followed a student as they underwent their first term in training.  



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