What is a Medium  -  Sometimes called a 'sensitive' a medium is a person whose heightened sense of awareness can be said to form links between those who have passed from the physical world and those still living here i.e. between the Spirits of the departed who wish to communicate with their loved ones and friends still in this physical world.


What Abilities to you Possess  -  I see clairvoyantly, sense and feel the character, shape and symptoms of communicators, sometimes hear and mostly just know.  I enjoy trance working and often get transfiguration during a sitting without me even being aware of it.


What is the Best Part of being a Medium? and the Worst?  -  The love, comfort and support that I know Spriti brings, nothing in the world is as wonderful as knowing you have been a part of proving Spirit existence and/or touching someone's own Spirit to help them go forward on their own journey.  The worst - a weak link!


What do you see as your Main Role as a Medium  -  Proof of survival beyond the physical.  Through teaching, sharing my knowledge and experience with my students.  Trying to show that this is all perfectly normal and practical. taking it out of the realms of the 'spooky' stories attached to so much of this work.


What would you most like to Achieve as a Medium  -  To maintain quality, modern professionalism, the truth in a way people can understand - I get very cross with some of the things said in the name of Spirit and have seen it cause a lot of problems with people.

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