Carol Green Spiritual Medium, Mediums in Cheltenham, Mediumship Training, Psychic Training
Carol Green Spiritual Medium, Mediums in Cheltenham, Mediumship Training, Psychic Training


CLAIRVOYANCE - an all round ability of the senses to connect with energy on a psychic level and receive Spirit communication.


CLAIRSENSTIENT - the ability to use more than one sense to divine and provide messages to people.  This would include many combinations of sight, sound, smell, feeling etc. 


CLAIRAUDIENCE  - also known as 'clear hearing' the ability to hear words and sounds from the Spirit World either outside the ear or through the sensing ear.


CLAIRCOGNIANCE - also known as 'clear knowing' the ability to psychically know something without being told.


CLAIRSCENTIENCE - the ability to smell outside the normal expectations for people.


CLAIRGUSTANCE - the ability to psychically perceive taste without actually tasting anything physically.


CHAKRA -  Sanskrit term for 'spinning wheel'.   The concept originated from Hindu medical practices and writings, which describe whirling, circular energy centers in the body that regulate physical and spiritual well being.  There are 7 major chakeras, each with a specific function.


CHANNELER - a person who communicates with the Spirit world or facilitates healing through their higher self or Spirit Guides.


CHANNELING  -  to allow a Spirit to communicate through the physical body or mind of a person.


CHI  -  the vital life force energy that flows through all living things.


AURA  -  the energy field around the body be it human or animal.  There are 7 major auric levels that link with the Chakra system.


PSYCHOMETRY  -  sensing the energy on an inanimate object e.g. jewellery - a form of psychic reading.


TRANSFIGURATION  -  where energy is created in the form of a mask allowing those watching to see an impression on another persons features with their physical eyes.


TRANCE   -  a deepened altered state of consciousness.  On a trained mediumistic level - giving permission for Spirit to use your energy and senses to speak/move or show themselves.


MEDITATION -  bring about a calmness of the mind through breathing technique and visualisation to greater connect with your inner self.


COMMUNICATORS  -  our loved ones in the Spirit World.



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